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Targeted courses for maximum progress

We know how hard it is to find experienced coaches and the expense of regular lessons. Our targeted courses help you to maximise your learning and improve your riding no matter where you are in the world.

These courses combine educational workshops with fun and effective exercises to help you learn the correct training principles and implement them win your riding and training.

Each of these courses are available all year round and, as soon as you have purchased you will get lifetime access to the course so you can always come back to remind yourself or refresh your knowledge.

The Courses


The Lazy Horses Course

Have your horse finally take you forward without excessive pressure or force and understand what your leg aids mean.


This 4 week programme is going to get your horse taking your forward and you not having to ride so hard! 

Includes lifetime access to the 4 week programme with workshops, theory sessions and exercises for £49

Ultimate Transitions Workshop Course

A shortened, more affordable version of our sell out Transitions course! Get lifetime access to our 2-part Transitions workshop series and learn how to ride great transitions in your training and in your tests to help improve your horses strength and suppleness, make you a more effective rider and get those high marks in your tests! 

Includes lifetime access to our 2 part Transitions workshop plus 6 exercises to try at home for just £8


Contact & Connection

Is your horse always too strong or too light?

This course helps you to understand the elements you need to achieve a consistent, elastic contact which forms the basis of our dressage training. 

Includes lifetime access to the 4 week programme with workshops, theory sessions and exercises for £49


The Scales Of Training

The fundamental basis of everything we do in dressage.

The Scales of Training are vital for every single dressage horse and also forms the basis for the marks we get from the judges too. 

This course includes a series of workshops on each individual scale as well as how to use them and improve them with your horse. 

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