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No Stirrup November

Oct 28, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023

  • 34Days
  • 26Steps


We are back! Our No Stirrup November Challenge is back again and were here to make you rewrite your beliefs that no stirrup work is boring, long and will leave you feeling sore ! This is perfect for riders that: 🐎 Feel unstable or unbalanced when riding 🐎 Are wanting to improve their sitting trot 🐎 Feel like their position is impacting their horse 🐎 Want to deepen their seat 🐎 Want to become a more effective rider The No Stirrup November Challenge is: ⭐ 30 Days ⭐ 5 minute exercises to build your strength and awareness of your own position ⭐ 20 minute training sessions to get you sitting deeper with more balance and stability ⭐Workshops to build your understanding and knowledge This whole challenge is focussed on making you become a better, more effective, balanced, stable rider - your horse is going to thank you for joining this challenge!

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