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The Ultimate Transition Masterclass

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This masterclass contains everything you could possibly want to know around transitions. We wanted to provide you with a more affordable version of our sell out courses and these masterclasses seemed like the perfect way to do that! Transitions impact every single rider at every single level and knowing how to ride good transitions is beneficial not just for improving your horse, but yourself as a rider and your scores too! This masterclass includes a 2 part video series where we take you through: 🐎 Why transitions are so important, the benefits of them, and why Carl Hester suggests we should be doing around 100 transitions in our schooling sessions 🐎 All the different types of transitions you can do at each level and the correct aids for each 🐎 What the judges are looking for and what they need to see to give you a good mark 🐎 How to ride accurate transitions in your tests Theres also 6 exercises to use at home to keep your sessions interesting, get all the benefits from your transitions and start riding your transitions accurately too.

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Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From £14.99/month


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