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This course is perfect for you if...

🐎 You arent getting the scores you want
🐎 Dont understand what the judge is looking for or needs to see to give you great marks
🐎 Struggle with riding your tests accurately
🐎 Want to see a real improvement in your scores
🐎 Get nervous, anxious or stressed when you compete

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What is the course about?

This course is here to fill in the blanks of ALL the things that can influence how your test goes that rarely get spoken about in our usual lessons with our trainers.


If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused why you arent getting the scores you want or if you feel like competing is just a bit of a stressful experience then this is the course for you. 

There are so many things that decide how your test goes; from how you are feeling, how your horse is feeling, what you have done to prepare, what you have done in your training, your knowledge of how you ride the test and what you need to do and so much more. These are the things that are so often not talked about in our usual lessons and yet there will all influence how well your test goes. 

We have combined theory style workshops with test riding exercises and mindset masterclasses to give you a fully inclusive learning experience where you will not only learn what the judge is looking for and what you need to do to get the scores that you want but also how you do it and why. 

And we dont just cover what you should be doing once you're in the test, we take a look at everything else that could influence how you ride that test from knowing what you need to do to improve to your warm up plan to how you deal with tests that don't go to plan (because it does happen to everyone!) and so much more. 

In this course we cover...

This is a self study course with lifetime access

So you can drop in and out or work your way through one step at a time. 

You have complete lifetime access to the course and can come back at any point if you need a refresher or want to work on a specific aspect. 


Presented by Jessica Gale,
International Dressage Rider, BD Registered Coach & Founder of De-Complicating Dressage

Jess is a UKCC/BDCC L3 coach with experience training and competing horses from just backed 4-year-olds through to FEI level. 

Having competed up to international level i have had my fair share of competition nerves, confusion over scores and tests not going to plan. And i have learnt that there are so many tools and tactics that can help to make the experience fun and enjoyable and help you to get what you get at home, in the arena too. And this is why i created the 'compete at your best' course; to share with you all those things that could help you transform the scores you get by working on a few things you may not have thought about before. 

What is included...


Starting Affiliated Competitions

In this awesome extra workshop we take you through everything you would need to know if you are wanting to start competing at affiliated level. From the difference between affiliated to unaffiliated, the difference championships, teams and training you can do, how the bronze, silver, gold categories work and whether the judging really is tougher. 

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