Training Programmes

The first training programs were created during lockdown as a way to help my current clients when they weren’t able to have lessons. They have developed over time and are now available for you.

The aim of each program is to give you a focus for your training sessions; improve your knowledge of dressage training; provide you with the tools and exercises to solve any problems you come across; and improve your independence as the rider and trainer of your horse.

E-Books & Training


1 or 6 week training programmes filled with exercises and tools to transform your horse and your riding

My horse used to be so lazy! Id tried everything and nothing really worked. In the programme i was taught why my horse is behind the leg and the exercises that are given actually worked. I now have a horse that actually respects my leg! I cant wait to get out competing and see the improvements in our marks too.

- Sam Tyler

     1 week programme to get your horse in front of the leg

I always worried i was relying on my instructor. I would only school when he was there. Now, I know what to do to get my horse going how i want and what to do when it goes wrong. I am so much more confident and school on my own, my instructor has noticed so much improvement and he now comes fortnightly.

- Olivia Green

     6 week programme to improve your horses paces

I have learnt so much about my horse from this programme. I learnt why i had been struggling with the contact and suppleness. She is now round over the back, takes the contact consistently, engages her hindleg and is soft and supple. But most importantly, i feel confident in how to get her like this all the time.

- Emily Jackson

6 week programme to improve your horses paces.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the training programmes for?

Everyone and Anyone! Riders of all ages, abilities and disciplines use these training programs. Each program focusses on a different aspect of dressage training so have a think about what you are struggling with in your training or what you want to work on and find the program that works best for you.

How do the training programmes work?

Each program comes with information on how the sessions work but here is a quick rundown! 1. You will recieve a pdf document with all the information and sessions. 2. Each session is broken down into 15 minute chunks, each with a specific focus. 3. For each session there is an audio clip, it talks you through what you are going to do in the session. There is information about why the session is important and how it relates to you training. You are also told how to ride each exercise, what problems to look out for and how to fix each problem. All this information is also written down for those of you that prefer reading! 4. At the end of each training session there is a reflection page which you can use to note down how your horse went, what exercises worked particularly well and how you felt about the session.

Are there any examples of what the audio clips are like?

Yes! You can find it below

What are the reflection pages for?

There are reflection pages at the end of every week. At the end of every session you will reflect on how your training went, what exercises worked well, and wha areas you still want to work on, Reflecting on each training session will make your training more prductive, it will also create a clear picture of what exercises worked best for your horse - perfecr for if you want to go back and repeat any session again.