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Exercise Bank

A mass of exercises for you to try with your horse. Each exercise has written explanations, diagrams and problem fixers too. 


Jessica Gale is our dressage coach (she's also the DD founder too!). Jess has competed internationally up to PSG level with multiple wins as well as having numerous national championship titles to her name. She is a BDCC L3 Coach, BD Accredited Coach and a BD Youth Coach & Assessor. She co-runs a sales yard; trains horses from 4 year olds through to GP horses; coaches riders and runs DD alongside. 


Impulsion & Contact

These training sessions are solely based around creating a horse that takes you forward, is elastic and even in the contact, reacts responsively to your aids, listens to your half halt and is engaged and active in the hindleg. 

Woman Riding a Horse

Suppleness & Straightness

These exercises all involve improving your horses lateral and longitudinal suppleness as well as exercises to improve your horses straightness. There are also exercises that will help you teach your horses lateral movements like leg yield, shoulder in and counter canter. 


Test Riding & Position

These exercises are a little different. They focus on a specific part of a test or past of your position and help you improve it to improve your effectiveness as a rider and boost your scores. 


Have a Question?

If you have a question about an exercise or arent sure what exercises would work best for your horse you can ask Jess. 

She will be able to guide you on what exercises would work best for your horse and get you progressing towards your goals

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