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Kick Start Your 2023


Get your 2023 off to the best possible start!

Starting 1st January 2023

For the price of a lesson! (£49.99) 

Sign Up Ends on 31st January

This challenge is perfect for you if...

🐎 Feel in a rut with your riding, training or competing
🐎 Want to feel more motivated 
🐎 Are unsure what you should be working on in your training
🐎 Unsure how to get those scores rising
🐎 Want to start seeing real progress in your training

What is the challenge about?

This challenge is all about helping you to analyse where you're at, work out what you want to achieve and, most importantly, help you achieve those goals!

This isn't just about working out what you want to achieve this year, this is about helping you to create your own plan that will make sure you really achieve everything that you could possibly dream of in 2023! 

We use techniques that are used by top riders and athletes around the world. These are methods that are proven to deliver results and help professional athletes achieve their goals and get to where they need to be every year. 

And we think these are the things every rider should be able to do to help them feel motivated, see constant progress and enjoy their riding every day!

In this course we cover...

The challenge starts on 1st January 2023

Enrolment finishes on 31st January 2023


Presented by Jessica Gale,
International Dressage Rider, BD Registered Coach & Founder of De-Complicating Dressage

Jess is a UKCC/BDCC L3 coach with experience training and competing horses from just backed 4-year-olds through to FEI level. 

Reflecting, goal setting and creating training plans play a big role in how Jess rides herself as well as what she teaches her private clients too. Its also a process that is used by many of the top riders and athletes around the worlod

What is included...

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