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This course is perfect for you if...

🐎 Feel in a rut with your riding, training or competing
🐎 You feel like you work harder than your horse
🐎 Have never been able to find the magic key that gets your horse more forward
🐎 Feel you and / or your horse get easily bored doing dressage
🐎 Want to start seeing real progress in your training

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What is the course about?

This course is for every single rider out there who struggles with their horses laziness, struggles to get their horse thinking and moving forward and dreams of their horse reacting quickly to their leg aids


I know how hard it is to ride a lazy horse! Its exhausting! You feel like you are doing all the hard work and no matter what you do, no matter how hard you kick your horse just doesn't listen.


But there is a way!


I have worked with hundreds of lazy horses and every single one has been able to take their rider forward is just comes down to understanding and reactions!


Over this course you will learn why your horse is lazy in the first place and where it all comes from. You will learn the tools you need to get your horse forward and why it is so important that we get this right before focussing on everything else that comes into dressage!


And i promise you, if you take the time to really focus on getting your horse forward and reacting to your leg, you will find your horse also becomes more supple, the contact is improved and your competition scores go up to!

In this course we cover...

This is a 4 week course with lifetime access

So you can keep coming back to it, remind yourself of the exercises or redo the course at any time and if you feel like you need a break, you can drop in and out as you need to


Presented by Jessica Gale,
International Dressage Rider, BD Registered Coach & Founder of De-Complicating Dressage

Jess is a UKCC/BDCC L3 coach with experience training and competing horses from just backed 4-year-olds through to FEI level. 

Having trained hundred of lazy horses and riders with lazy horses (some of which have gone on to FEI and National Championship level), Jess knows full well how exhausting it can be to try and get your horse forward. Over the years, Jess has developed a system that transforms a horse from backward thinking, lazy and hard work to forward thinking, energetic and loving dressage!

What is included...


Learn how to goal set and reflect in the right way with these two bonus workshops

Goal Setting & Reflecting are two skills that all the top riders in the world will use on a daily basis. It helps to keep us progressing, constantly finding where we need to improve and seeing our progress over time. Learn how to do it the right way so you can see just as much progress each week.

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