Off The Horse



Improve your dressage knowledge and understand you and your horse's strengths and weaknesses


Monthly video workshops on a range of topics to help improve your horse, your riding and your performance away from the yard. 

The workshops take place on the last Wed of every month as Facebook Lives on our Facebook group but will also be available after, on our website. 

We also have weekly Live Q&As answering members questions.



Perfect for improving your dressage knowledge as well as helping you to understand your horse better. Once you are able to work out why your horse has the strengths and weaknesses they do you are then able to more effectively correct any issues. 

You can use the 'search' tab to find a specific article and If there is a certain topic that we haven't covered that you would like us to then let us know


The podcast launched in 2020 and since then we have covered topics from 'how to train your horse' to 'why your horse is behind the leg' to 'how to deal with hot horses'.

We have also more recently had professionals come onto the podcast to debunk the myths around other areas of owning a dressage horse like feeding, psychology and rider fitness

They are the perfect the perfect thing to listen to in the car or whilst you are mucking out or tacking up



Every training session comes with a PDF Document that includes the theory behind the training session, diagrams of the exercises, a written version of the training session and a reflection sheet to help you get the most out of your session. 

You can choose to print these off, highlight and makes notes and create a Training Book; or you can keep a copy on your phone to come back to during a session to remind you how to ride the exercises and fix any problems you come across.