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What is De-Complicating Dressage about?


Everything we do at DD is to help you grow in confidence, improve your knowledge and give you the tools you need to train your horse the way you want to. 

The Podcast will help improve your knowledge. You will learn about training philosophies, theories, tips and tricks of dressage.

The Training Hub will give you exercises and tools to improve your dressage, fix problems you come across and increase your scores. 

There is tonnes of support available to you too. Whether you want to check you are on the right track with your training, ask questions or feel supported with a community of like-minded riders.


"My hope is that, through using this platform, you will know exactly what you are aiming for with your horse, you will know what you need to do and how you will achieve it and you will be confident in yourself to make it happen."





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