The classes you wished you had at school!


Jessica Gale is our dressage coach (she's also the DD founder too!). Jess has competed internationally up to PSG level with multiple wins as well as having numerous national championship titles to her name. She is a BDCC L3 Coach, BD Accredited Coach and a BD Youth Coach & Assessor. She co-runs a sales yard; trains horses from 4 year olds through to GP horses; coaches riders and runs DD alongside. 


The Fundamentals of Dressage

Dressage can sometimes seem like a minefield! We cover the most important things of dressage that you NEED to know. From the Scales of Training to how to get your horse working on the bit to how to teach your horse a new movement. 


Training Your Horse

Get all your questions answered and hear from our coach on how she would solve a huge range of problems, issues and questions that all riders face on their dressage journey. 

Getting that perfect position

Improving our position is probably the single most important thing you can do for your horse. Find out what a good position really looks like and what you need to do to become the best, most effective rider you can for your horse.


Fix Your Problems

We all will come across problems on our dressage journey. But how do you fix them, and what causes them in the first place? We give you the tools and the knowledge so you know what to do next time you ride.