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This course is perfect for you if...

🐎 Feel in a rut with their riding, training or competing
🐎 Want to feel more motivated 
🐎 Are unsure what they should be working on in their training
🐎 Unsure how to get those scores rising
🐎 Want to start seeing real progress in their training and see those scores rising too!

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What is the course about?

Do you ever get to the end of the year and thought - wow that year went quick! 


This course is for the riders that want to feel and see real progress this new year! By the end of the course you will know exactly where youre at, exactly what youre going to achieve this year and exactly how youre going to do it.


Get crystal clear on how your 2024 is going to look - and the best part: youll be far more likely to achieve your goals and succeed this year by dedicating the time to planning out how youre going to do it. Eve better, youll also feel far more motivated this year to achieve your goals and see real progress with the new 'Kick Start 2024' Course

In this course we cover...

This is a self study course with lifetime access

So you can drop in and out or work your way through one step at a time. 

You have complete lifetime access to the course and can come back at any point if you need a refresher or want to work on a specific aspect. 


Presented by Jessica Gale,
International Dressage Rider, BD Registered Coach & Founder of De-Complicating Dressage

Jess is a British Dressage Accredited coach with experience training and competing horses from just backed 4-year-olds through to FEI level. 

Having competed up to international level i have had my fair share of competition nerves, confusion over scores and tests not going to plan. And i have learnt that there are so many tools and tactics that can help to make the experience fun and enjoyable and help you to get what you get at home, in the arena too. And this is why i created the 'compete at your best' course; to share with you all those things that could help you transform the scores you get by working on a few things you may not have thought about before. 

What is included...

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