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The Ultimate

Transitions Masterclass

This masterclass is perfect for you if...

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🐎 Feel in a rut with your riding, training or competing
🐎 Want to improve your horses strength,  suppleness, balance and focus
🐎 Have never been able to find the magic key that gets you scoring great marks for your transitions
🐎 Feel you and / or your horse get easily bored doing dressage
🐎 Want to become a more effective rider

What is the masterclass about?

This course is for every single rider out there. Full stop! Transitions are in every single dressage test from intro through to Grand Prix and they are SO important, not just for your horse but for you as a rider too. 


Riding good transitions improve your horses strength, suppleness, balance, engagement, collection, responsiveness, obedient, control, focus ... i could go on and on! But transitions are also hugely beneficial for us as riders too because it teaches us to ride with very controlled, specific, refined aids. 

Transitions are also great for keeping your sessions fun and interesting both for you and your horse. But you can only get all these benefits from transitions and get great scores from the judges, if you ride your transitions correctly. 

And yet transitions are one of the areas where most people struggle in their tests. Whether its a lack of accuracy, your horse always hollows, you struggle with the correct canter leads or it just feels like everything goes wrong and you never get great scores. 

This workshop is a shorter, more affordable version of our sell out Transitions course. For only £8 you get lifetime access to our full 2-part Transitions workshop as well as 6 exercises you can put into your sessions now.

In this masterclass we cover...

This masterclass comes with lifetime access

So you can keep coming back to it, remind yourself of the exercises or rewatch the workshops at any time and if you feel like you need a break, you can drop in and out as you need to


Presented by Jessica Gale,
International Dressage Rider, BD Registered Coach & Founder of De-Complicating Dressage

Jess is a UKCC/BDCC L3 coach with experience training and competing horses from just backed 4-year-olds through to FEI level. 

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